《Cat and Mouse in the Night》

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    《Cat and Mouse in the Night》 第1张


    Tomek Bogacki


    《Cat and Mouse in the Night》故事全文

    《Cat and Mouse in the Night》 第2张

    Early one morning,three little mice left their home,as they did every day.


    And three little cats left their home,too.


    《Cat and Mouse in the Night》 第3张

    They met in the meadow and played together all day long until the sun went down.


    《Cat and Mouse in the Night》 第4张

    "It's getting late.It's time to go home."said the little mice.


    "It's getting dark.We should go home,too."said the little cats.


    《Cat and Mouse in the Night》 第5张

    But one little mouse and one little cat did not pay attention to the others.


    They kept on playing.Suddenly the world around them looked very different.


    《Cat and Mouse in the Night》 第6张

    "It's so dark here,"said the frightened little cat.


    "We shouldn't have stayed out so late."said the little mouse in a trembling voice.


    《Cat and Mouse in the Night》 第7张

    They heard a strange sound above their heads."Who-hoo-hoo!"


    《Cat and Mouse in the Night》 第8张

    "Don't be afraid,"said the owl."It's a beautiful night."


    "A beautiful night?"wondered the little mouse and the little cat."It's so dark and scary."


    "Oh,you must see it from the top of the tree."said the owl.


    《Cat and Mouse in the Night》 第9张

    Then the little cat and the little mouse became curious,so they followed the owl up,up,up to the top of the tree.


    《Cat and Mouse in the Night》 第10张

    "Look!"said the owl.


    The moon shone and the stars sparkled.


    "Oh!"said the cat and the mouse."It is beautiful!"


    《Cat and Mouse in the Night》 第11张

    Next morning,the other little cats and the other little mice out to look for their brother and their sister.


    "Why didn't you come home last night?"asked the little mice.


    "Where were you?"asked the little cats.


    "Wait and we will show you ."answered their brother and sister,mysterlously.


    《Cat and Mouse in the Night》 第12张

    And the end of the day,when it began to get dark,the little cat and the little mouse showed their brothers and sisters how to climb the big tree.


    《Cat and Mouse in the Night》 第13张

    "Look!"they said when they reached the top.


    "Oh!"said the others in amazement.


    And they all spent the night at the top of the tree,close to the moon and the stars,just watching.



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